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A Sleepless Night with Myself!

Posted by admin on January 20, 2011


Time to be in bed, It is almost 2:00AM. And I have to wake up at 8:00AM to be at work one hour later. I am not feeling sleepy, but I have to! O.K. I will smoke the last day’s cigarette, then go to sleep. This sucks, the cigarette has burned quickly. What about smoking another one until getting a bit sleepy?! Promise, this is the last day’s one! Burned quickly as usual.

Turning off my PC, moving the clothes from the bed to the desk chair, turning off the lights. My mobile light is guiding me to the bed. Hell yeah, that is my sweet bed!

I am stretching over the bed, getting a flash back to all what I’ve done throughout the day. I just cannot stop thinking about what I’ve said to my friend! Did it annoy him? Is he asleep or just thinking about the same issue? And this guy who was walking down the street with a banana into his mouth, was he a monkey? Or just a normal human-being who did not complete his evolution process yet?!

A mosquito buzz in my ears. The fan is noisy and useless. The room smells like an ashtray. I am begging my body to stop sweating! Shit! It is almost 3:00AM! I am wasting my time lying in my bed. I am using the mobile light to reach the lights switch. Turning on the lights, moving clothes from the desk chair to the bed, turning on my pc.

All home seems asleep. My friends must be asleep too. I need to talk to someone, but I cannot. It seems to me that I am the only awake person tonight! I will check my MSN contacts list, hopefully I will find someone online! Arggh! Just that girl who claims that his father is Henry IV himself! Being lonely is much better than talking to this. I need to get in touch with some Americans. They would be helpful at such a night. I will surf the internet until getting sleepy.

Headache! I want to sleep, I really want to.

Legs are swinging like they are fighting death. Hands are pulling the rope. The neck is moving down with a red rounded loop. The left eye is memorizing the past life. The right eye is getting the final view. The body is falling down and down. Enormous man with fake horns shouting “BURN!”…

AAAAAAAH, MY NECK! MY NECK! I AM ALIVE! I AM A-L-I-V-E! What a nightmare! This was a horrible nightmare. I am feeling weepy, I was executed 1 minute ago. What did I do to see such a bad dream? I just fell asleep for 3 minutes or less.

“Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar”. The call to prayer is striking my ears. Right now I am feeling sleepy like never. I am walking to my bed like a drunk. My sweet bed! Wait a minute! I kept awake through the night, and feeling lazy to pray?! How long will it take me to do that?! Sorry, my good mate. I cannot resist sleeping anymore.

Someone next to my bed whispering “Sleep!”. I am looking at him like an idiot and shouting: “I DON’T SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT! AND I DON’T KNOW WHY!”. He is laughing, saying: “It is your chance to sleep through the night, just relax! Relaaaax!”. Oh yes! I am almost asleep, is that what they call “hypnotize”? There is a buzzing sound in my ears, and I cannot figure it out. Wait a minute, I cannot move my hands, my legs! I am not asleep, I am paralyzed. Moving my eyes to take a look at that man. He is showing an evil smile. I want to shout and scream, but I cannot. The only thing I can do is to move my eyes inside my eyeholes. Somebody help me, please. No one can listen to what I am saying inside! Please God help me, please.

Flashing lights going across my sight. Was it a dream? Checking on my room. Yes, it was a dream, that evil man does not exist anymore. This was another horrible dream. Thank God. Moving my hands over the bed searching for my mobile. What is that?! Is this a nose? Is this a mouth? AAAAH! This thing bites, I cannot pull my hand out of its mouth. I will snatch it. I can hear my hand rupture. Sorry, my dear hand but I’ve to. God, I’ve lost a hand.

Flashing lights going across my sight once again. My hand hurts, but I did not lose it. It was a dream within a dream. The sunrays are shining through the window. I want to cry. I am already crying. This was my worst night ever. I will never try to sleep through the night.

It is 7:00AM. There is no chance to sleep, I have to be at work within 2hours. I am feeling very sleepy though. I will get over it by drinking teas and coffees. Anything is much better than having a night like this. I must stop writing at this moment, because I cannot figure out what I am writing down. I want to sleep for a few minutes, just a few minutes. I am going to sleep, and I don’t know how long will it take me to wake up.

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